Real Estate Consulting

Aigis capitalises on its real estate investment management competences to design and provide performance-oriented solutions to companies on their real estate issues

The recent evolution in the real estate sector shows that this economic sector follows a global modernisation trend due to its financialisation and the integration of sustainable development. These changes generate more and more complex issues for the real estate professionals.
We also notice among the corporate users the growing need to understand real estate issues and to rationalise their real estate occupation.
This evolution of the sector requires to mobilise new multi-disciplinary and focused competences.
At the crossroads of finance, real estate and sustainable development, Aigis provides a new vision to assist its clients to overcome their challenges, take advantage of the opportunities and define a profitable and sustainable real estate strategy.

Our approach of consulting

Aigis relies on its detailed knowledge of the buildings (technical, functional and financial) and its practice of real estate investment (cash-flow analysis, definition of potential scenarii, verification of the timing of the operations within the real estate cycle) to design suitable solutions in a original way:
- Advisory services to investors in their complex real estate or corporate transactions. Assistance in the management of their real real estate investments;
- Advisory services to users in the definition and the implementation of their real estate occupation strategy;
- Advisory services to banking institutions in the supervision of the financing and the analysis of the strategies set by the borrowers;
- Advisory services to corporate executives on real estate issues linked to their development strategy. Assessment and implementation of the real estate synergies in external growth operations and mergers.

Advisory services to investors

Aigis assists the investors in all the stages of the real estate investment process:
- The identification of investment criteria suitable to the profile of each investor
- The sourcing of acquisition opportunities complying with the selected criteria
- The supervision of due-diligences and the assistance during the pre-acquisition negotiations
- The assistance in the setting-up and structuring of the financing
- The identification of the best real estate enhancement strategy for each asset
- The sale of real estate assets in the best conditions
- The assistance to investors in the supervision of the investment funds they invested in

Advisory services to users

Aigis assists the large users in the definition and the implementation of the real estate occupation strategy :
- Analysis of the issues of a real estate consolidation taking into account:
. The opportunity in the real estate cycle,
. The economic impact for the company,
. The organisational implications.
. Definition of the most appropriate real estate strategy and its timing
- Critical analysis of the available supply of space and assistance in the selection of the most suitable location taking into consideration the company profile
- Assistance in the negotiation of the leases, the acquisition and the sale of the assets
- Assistance with the relocation of the company

Advisory services to banking institutions

Aigis assists the banking institutions in the supervision of their financings:
- Analysis of the assets, supervision of the due-diligences pre and post financings
- Critical analysis of the real estate strategy of the borrowers
- Monitoring of the operations and the execution of the strategy of the borrowers
- Assistance in the negotiations with the borrowers
- Assistance in the understanding of troubled assets and design of the best liquidation strategy for underperforming assets
- Assistance in the management of repossessed real estate assets (enhancement and sale)

Strategic consulting

Aigis assists the corporate executives on complex real estate issues:
- Analysis of the real estate aspect and due-diligences in equity financing operations (M&A, OPA, IPO, …)
- Assistance on transactions and complex operations which require real estate and financial expertise
- Conception and implementation of real estate strategies adequate with the development of their business