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Relying on 20 years of experience in traditional real estate, our client’s vocation is to develop environment-friendly buildings. It develops three main activities: the neutral consumption office buildings, residential buildings compliant with the Kyoto 2050 standards and green housing villages using wood for construction.

Aigis assists this client since May 2010 in the conception and the implementation of its organisational development, the sourcing of new business and its financial strategy.

Aigis team members have also accumulated personal and collective track record with numerous clients including

Strategy: Restructuring

Actualis project (1)
Area: 21 700 sqm + 175 pk units
Total Investment: € 200 M
Cap-ex: above € 60 M
Location : 21, bd Haussmann
Type: Restructuring of an old haussmannien building in Paris
Comments: Landmark building, conversion of office to retail in the basement

Strategy: Repositioning

Corbeil Project (1)
Area: 13 650 sqm GLA
cap-ex: > € 20 M
Location : Corbeil
Type: Transformation of an underperforming shopping centre into an outlet undr the brand “Marques avenue”
Comments: Opening in October 2008

Strategy: Sustainable development

Horizons 17 project (1)
Area: 5 900 sqm + 98 pk units
Cap-ex: € 20 M
Location: 140, bd Malesherbes
Type: Strong refurbishment
Comments: First restructured building in Paris with the green HQE THPE label

Strategy: Trading

Residential Fractional Sales (1)
Number of buildings: 25
Number of units: 1 195
Location: France
Type: Acquisition of residential buildings in order to resell the flats unit by unit
Comments: spread of 30% to 40% between the purchase price per square meter of a building from an institutional and the exit price of the faults sold to an individual

Strategy: Letting and mark to market

Les Miroirs Project (1)
Area: 22 525 sqm
Cap-ex: € 17 M of works, TI’s and rent free period
Location: Paris La Defense
Type: Negotiation with tenants + light refurbishment
Comments: Underperforming asset rented 40% below market conditions at acquisition

(1) Projects completed by CBRE Investors, managed at this time by the current managers of Aigis